Vajrakilaya & Kurkulla Pujas

This blog was excerpted from a full article on the Shambhala Times, written by Walker Blaine. Click here to read the article.


The Kongma Sakyong concluded his annual winter practice intensive, or puja, Sunday evening at the Kalapa Court in Boulder, Colorado. This year’s pujaswere devoted to Kurukulla, a feminine deity renowned for magnetizing prosperity, and Vajrakilaya, one of the most powerful practices used to overcome obstacles. The Sakyong performed these two practices in order to benefit the world, nurture the strength of the Shambhala community, and fulfill the requests of more than 1,400 people who had asked the Sakyong to practice for themselves and others. During remarks at the event, the Sakyong emphasized gentleness during the Kurukulla puja and bravery during the Vajrakilaya puja, two of the most essential qualities of the Shambhala teachings. 

The pujas were conducted at the residence of the Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo. Each practice session was attended by more than fifty guests, including the delightful presence of  Jetsun Drukmo, Jetsun Yudra, and Jetsun Dzedron who seemed completely joyous to have the pujas in their home, which had been transformed into a Shambhala monastery for the weekend. Also attending were the Sakyong’s mother Lady Konchok Palden; Minister Mitchell Levy; the Sakyong Wangmo’s sister Semo Palmo Ripa and her husband, Mr. Alan Goldstein; several Shambhala ministers, acharyas, and patrons; and other gentle and brave members of the community.

The atmosphere at the Kalapa Court was remarkable for both the powerful atmosphere of each puja and the feeling of warmth and hospitality, a reflection of the Sakyong Wangmo’s care and pleasure in hosting the Sakyong’s practice at the family’s residence. Guests at the puja remarked at how much the pujas have become a part of the community in the four years since the Sakyong began to do them publicly. Throughout the weekend the Sakyong and others received messages from people around the world who were practicing along with the Sakyong in their homes and centres.

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